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Successful charitable outcomes requires structure, objectives and funding - and we help charities put those pieces in place. In today's challenging financial environment, focus is more important than ever, and volunteers more are valuable they have ever been.

We assist with all aspects of charity management including:

  • Strategic business planning and general charity management. 
  • Fundraising, marketing and communications. 
  • Budgeting, accounting and database systems. 
  • Governance, voluntary leadership induction & training. 
  • Staff, volunteer and trustee recruitment, training and team building. 

There are a multitude of benefits to investing in the experience of an Arclight Solutions consultant:

  • Quick start-up as an understanding of the sector already exists. 
  • Ability to draw on a wealth of experience, expertise and objectivity. 
  • No recruitment delays, advertising or recruitment agents fees. 
  • No hidden extras to worry about, such as National Insurance, holidays or sick pay. 
  • Flexibility in your plans. 
  • Economical use of specialised assistance to get short term jobs done to time. 
  • Access to specialist guidance and help. 
  • A fresh approach and perspective from someone outside the organisation. 

 Contact us now, and find out how we can help light up your way forward!


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